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T. +45 3336 9050
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Tue–Sun 11 AM - 5 PM
Monday closed
Wednesday open to 8 PM
The café is closed
Closed from 29/8-14/9

Adults: 60 DKK
Students / seniors: 40 DKK
Groups (minimum 10 people): 40 DKK
Children under 16 years free
Annual Card: 150 DKK
Wednesday free admission after 5 PM
Kongens Nytorv 1
DK 1050 Copenhagen K
T. +45 3336 9050


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The Spring Exhibition 2008



The Spring Exhibition has been revived. For the first time, Charlottenborg Fonden and Kunsthal Charlottenborg are collaborating on the Spring Exhibition, and future Spring Exhibitions will no longer resemble each other. In the future, we will experiment with the form of the Spring Exhibition as well as with changing jury constellations, which will give each individual exhibition a distinctive identity and make it something very special.

For the Spring Exhibition 2008, we have invited the internationally known designer Karim Rashid to be chief curator. He will also be responsible for the overall design of the exhibition. Karim Rashid has chosen "21" as the overall title, hoping this will lead to receiving art that has been inspired by this century in either a social, political, intellectual, global or technological sense, or in the way it explores new idioms, new forms, new materials and future abstractions. A new feature of this year's exhibition is that it has been possible to submit fashion, graphic design and digital art when applying.

In connection with the exhibition, a catalogue is being issued with a presentation of each individual artist. The catalogue also contains a statement and an interview with Karim Rashid as well as a conversation between Bo Nilsson and Peter Holst Henckel.

There were 1,124 applications for the Spring Exhibition 2008. From these, 90 artists have been selected (53 women and 37 men), 68 of whom are making their debut, with a total of 114 works.

The Spring Exhibition 2008 is sponsored by The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Art and The Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Art.


You find the list of participating artists in Documents "Deltagerliste" (on top of the right corner).


Links to some of the participating artists websites:

8bit klubben, Alexandra Alexiou, Karima Andersen, Laura Barüel, Iben Birch Bech, Ben Clement og Sebastian de la Cour, Kathrine de Place Bjørn, Michael Dunk, Signe Emdal, Vibeke Fonnesberg-Schmidt, Fryd Frydendahl, Lisbet Friis, Michael Geertsen, Susanne Guldager, Kajsa Gullberg, Sofia Hagström, HalfMachine, Karen Kjærgaard, Steen Ipsen, Janni Mai Larsen, Frederik Lindskov, Nanna Lysholt-Hansen, Pia Myrvold, Ninna Helena Olsen, Kirsten Otzen Keck, Mik Peter Rasmussen, Signe Kathrine Rude, Kirsten Schou-Jørgensen, Tekstile Illusioner, Søren Thygesen, Vilsbøl de Arche, Inge Vincents