CPH:DOX transforms Kunsthal Charlottenborg into festival mansion

From Wednesday 20 March through Sunday 31 March, Kunsthal Charlottenborg transforms into the head quarter for the documentary film festival CPH:DOX. During the festival, you can experience film screenings, concerts, talks, VR experiences, an interactive exhibition and the exhibition 'Europa Endlos'.

You can access further info about the different activities at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in CPH:DOX’s programme here. The international documentary film festival’s takeover of Kunsthal Charlottenborg also means different opening hours and admission fees regarding the exhibition.

Opening hours during the festival
The opening hours during CPH:DOX will differ from Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s regular opening hours. Kunsthal Charlottenborg will be closed 11-19 March during constructions of the exhibition spaces. When the festival opens Wednesday 20 March, we are open every day until Monday 1 April, which means we are not closed Mondays as we usually are. Furthermore, our openings hours are extended – generally we are open every day from 10am-10pm, and in this period of time, you can experience the exhibition Europa Endlos. In connection with special events, some days we open earlier or close later. Further information about this can be accessed in CPH:DOX’s programme here.

Free admission for Europa Endlos during CPH:DOX
During the festival, admission is free for the Kunsthal Charlottenborg and our exhibition Europa Endlos. For most film screenings and events, tickets or entry fees can be purchased at the entrance at Charlottenborg Kunsthal or at CPH:DOX’s website here.

The opening of Europe theme Thursday 21 March
The exhibition Europa Endlos opens Thursday 21 March at 5pm as part of the opening of a big Europe theme during CPH:DOX. Meet one of the artists from Europa Endlos Monica Bonvicini og the Europe experts Uffe Østergaard and Jens-Peter Bonde, and experience the world premiere of the documentary Democracy LTD by Robert Schabus at 6.30pm about the crisis of democracy and the failure of community followed by a live conversation moderated by DR2 host Adam Holm. Admission for the evening is free, but tickets for the film need to be reserved. Further information about the common Europe night here.

In connection with the common Europe theme, you can experience a lot of films from CPH:DOX’s programme at Kunsthal Charlottenborg if you buy tickets for the film. This includes for example the film The Man Who Played with Fire by director Henrik Georgsson, which is about Stieg Larsson’s second life as journalist in the fight against right wing extremism in Europe and can be experiences at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Wednesday 20 March at 5pm. The film What is democracy? by Astra Taylor is screened at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Tuesday 26 March at 7.30pm and is about the history of democracy from ancient Greek. Saturday 30 March at 5pm, the film Young and Alive is screened at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and is a generation portrait of the youth in France focusing on integration, riot, identity and politics. Further information about the Europe theme at CPH:DOX’s website here.

Opening part at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
The festival opens at Kunsthal Charlottenborg with a big opening party Friday 22 March at 9pm, where Olof Dreijer from The Knife begins the evening with a talk about feminism, queerness and the political situation in Europe in 2019 and afterwards, he takes over the Charlottenborg DJ desk with one of his kaleidoscopic sets. Tickets for the entire event including talk, Disturbing Business show and party, are available, as well as tickets only for the party. Futher information here.

Common focus on Brexit
In the exhibition Europa Endlos, both Wolfgang Tillmans and Jeremy Deller have respectively worked as activists taking clear stands against Brexit and in support of the European Union through poster and t-shirt campaigns. Furthermore, experience the film Ceremony, which is about a democratic forum in Manchester with Brexit debate, and meet the director Phil Collins at the screening. The film is a part of CPH:DOX’s Brexit Night that takes place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Thursday 28 March at 8pm – the night before Great Britain’s planned exit for the European Union. Afterwards, the Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller can be experienced at CPH:DOX at 9.45pm with the film Everybody In the Place about the rave culture’s political meaning in the end of 1980s. With this film, Jeremy Deller is nominated for CPH:DOX’s NEW:VISION award. The film can also be experienced at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Tuesday 26 March at 9.45pm. After the film screening at Brexit Night, there will be dj set with Tight Cherry (MMHRadio) in the foyer at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Further informatio here.