Charlottenborg Art Cinema presents Chris Kraus

You can now experience Chris Kraus' complete film production, created between 1982 and 1995 at Charlottenborg Art Cinema.

Chris Kraus is a renowned American writer, editor, and art critic who started her career as a film director. Kraus was part of New York’s philosophical circles and art scene in the ’80s and’ 90s, addressing issues such as desire, desperation, and self-awareness, spiraling out of this environment. The formats and styles of the films alternate between long, short, experimental, funny, and awkward, and like in her books, the method is often auto-ethnographic. Through this personal approach, she combines emotional connections with intellectual reflections in sharp and sometimes absurd analyzes of the surrounding society. Today the films stand as iconic examples of alternative storytelling as well as they have become references on how to combine subjective experiences with theory and art.

Chris Kraus: Gravity and Grace, 1995. 16mm film transferred to video 1:29:00 hour
Chris Kraus: Voyage to Rodez, 1986. 16mm film transferred to video 13:58 min.
Chris Kraus: How to Shoot a Crime, 1987. Digital video 28:50 min.
Chris Kraus: Sadness at Leaving, 1992. Super-8 film transferred to video 26:54 min.
Chris Kraus: The Golden Bowl or Repression, 1984-88. 16mm film transferred to video 12:23 min.
Chris Kraus: Foolproof Illusion, 1986. Digital video 17:41 min.
Chris Kraus: Terrorists in Love, 1983. Super-8 film transferred to video 5:20 min.
Chris Kraus: In Order to Pass, 1982.) Super-8 film transferred to video 26:54 min.
Chris Kraus: Traveling at Night, 1990. Digital video 11:54 min.

The film program starts when the doors open and the above sequence is looped during the opening hours of Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Still from Gravity and Grace (1995). Courtesey the artist and Château Shatto.