Joint tour of Copenhagen Art Centres

On April 28, five Copenhagen art centres invites you to Tonight is Art – a magnificent event programme with performances, theater, dance, sound, food and of course art. The programme extends from afternoon to late evening end ends with a concert and afterparty.

Behind Tonight is Art are the five art centres Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Kunstforeningen GL. STRAND, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art. Together we have arranged Copenhagen Art Festival in 2012 and 2015. They all see it as their foremost task to unfold the contemporary artistic pallet and with Tonight is Art we offer the audience experiences beyond the ordinary.

PROGRAMME 5 pm-5.45 pm Overgaden – The play The Victorious Icarus (Techno remix). Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen performs an exclusive version of the play The Victorious Icarus, in a radically different remix version inspired by techno music.

6 pm Kunstforeningen GL STRAND – Performance by DANSEatelier and cocktails from Nohrlund DANSEatelier guests the current Malene Landgreen exhibition Artistic Reality. DANSEatelier consists of eleven artists working collectively with dancing and choreography.

7 pm Nikolaj Kunsthal – Performance by Annika Lori Artist Annika Lori delivers a special performance designed for the entrance of the newly restored art gallery. There are aperitifs at the bar and Julian Rosefeldts large video works are on.  8 pm Kunsthal Charlottenborg – Sound & Visuals + food from Apollo Bar The British artist Joey Holder presents a VJ set, where she combines video with electronic music deliver by DJ Dane Sutherland. It is also possible to purchase a delicious dinner at a reasonable price from Apollo Bar by chef Frederik Bille Brahe.

9 pm Den Frie – Concert with Rumpistol + afterparty A pecular Nordic variety of electronica with spaced out fragments of melody and a pulsating beat characterizes the musician Rumpistol. In recent years, he has developed a more deep and heavy sound that in some moments are directly danceable.

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