Double opening for the first solo exhibitions in Scandinavia by Eva Kot’átková and Irena Haiduk

On Friday 20 September 5-8pm the exhibitions 'Confessions of the Piping System’ and 'Seductive Exacting Realism' will open at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The solo exhibitions with the Czech artist Eva Koťátková and the Serbian artist Irena Haiduk will be celebrated with free admission and bubbles for the first arriving at the opening.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is excited to welcoming you when the doors open Friday 20 September 5-8pm for the scenographic exhibition featuring the contemporary artist Eva Koťátková, who presents new works as well as Irena Haiduk’s remarkable sound programme earlier presented at documenta demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between art, market economy and political upheaval. The opening will be celebrated with free admission and bubbles for the first arriving.


5pm: Doors open – Kunsthal Charlottenborg invites for a glass of bubbles in the foyer.

5.15pm: Welcome by Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s director Michael Thouber and curator Henriette Bretton-Meyer.

5.30pm: The exhibitions open, Difficult DJ is playing and you can buy drinks at Apollo Bar in the foyer.

8pm: Thank you for tonight.

Eva Koťátková: Confessions of the Piping System
Experience Eva Kot’átková’s surreal universe when she presents her first solo exhibition in Scandinavia at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Through oversized objects, iron structures, posters with text and performative works Koťátková hints at how we are informed by the codes and social control of institutional structures, how inner and outer impulses may clash, but at the same time, she points to opportunities for thinking and acting freely. Eva Koťátková (b. 1982 in Prague) has exhibited in prominent institutions all over the world, such as the Venice Biennial and at New Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. She is currently participating at the Istanbul Biennial, and later this year she presents a solo exhibition at the well-known Kestner Gesellschaft in Hannover. The exhibition is curated by Henriette Bretton-Meyer. Further info here.

Irena Haiduk: Seductive Exacting Realism
Seductive Exacting Realism (SER) is a sound programme based on an interview the artist Irena Haiduk conducted on January 14, 2015 at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center, with Srdja Popovic, co-founder of the OTPOR! student group and the consultancy CANVAS (Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategy), who advises democratic, revolutionary movements all over the world. This presentation marks the beginning of a two-year collaboration with Irena Haiduk (b. 1982 in Beograd), and the opening of Yugoexport’s economy inside Charlottenborg’s bookshop. SER was originally commissioned by the Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago, and later exhibited at the 14th Istanbul Biennial and documenta 14. The exhibition is curated by Michael Thouber. Further info here.