Irena Haiduk

Seductive Exacting Realism (SER)

22 nov – 9 dec 2018

Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents Irena Haiduk’s first solo show in Scandinavia. The economy Seductive Exacting Realism (SER) has previously been exhibited at the 14th Istanbul Biennale, The Renaissance Society centennial, and documenta 14.

At the heart of SER is an interview Irena Haiduk conducted with Srdja Popovic, co-founder of  OTPOR!, the student group which deposed Serbian autocrat Slobodan Milošević in 2000, and the consultancy CANVAS (Center for Applied Non-violent Action and Strategy). The edited conversation, re-recorded by Jennifer Estlin and Lin Qian, forms a 28 minute program commencing every hour, on the hour in total dark of the Blind Room, where the import-export business of making history demands an equivalence, a loyalty, and a familial solidarity between people and things.

Contemporary art institutions in the global north expect artists to be agents of social change. CANVAS has trained pro-democracy movements in fifty countries, including Burma, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, and Iran. Countries which undergo these revolutions may experience indefinite periods of transition as they are primed for the intrusion of new market economies. The 2013 WikiLeaks Global Intelligence Files release revealed CANVAS’s collaboration with Stratfor, an intelligence firm whose clientele include Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, Google and the US Department of Homeland Security. Many of Stratfor’s clients are noted funders of art institutions—some of whom were vital to the production of SER, establishing a financial equivalence between the artist and the consultant.

SER hosted a variable space for making history at documenta 14. Here was the prehistory of Yugoexport, a blind, non-aligned oral corporation. The process of her in-corporation continues. This autumn begins the two-year collaboration between Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Yugoexport, preceding a final work at the site in 2020.

The exhibition is curated by Michael Thouber and the project is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Obel Family Foundation.

Hashtag to the exhibition: #seductiveexactingrealism #irenahaiduk #kunsthalcharlottenborg