The Spring Exhibition 2013

1 mar – 12 may 2013

The Spring Exhibition is an open submission exhibition that has long been one of the highlights of the annual programme at Charlottenborg. In 2013 the show features 74 participants from around the world, including many from Denmark and Northern Europe, as well as others from countries such as Chile, Australia and the USA. The exhibited works cover a wide variety of genres associated with art, architecture and design.

Among the participating artists there seems to be a special interest in exploring the impacts of globalization on human beings and societies, not just by way of international interaction and transaction – including outsourcing, global trading networks, international warfare and transgressive crime – but also through the way we as a global public mirror ourselves in the media, and in the physical space in which we move. As such, you will find several politically and philosophically founded works in the exhibition, just as many of the exhibiting artists have based their work on phenomenological studies of the way a given medium affects the message it communicates – which ideology it is colored by.

The Jury primarily sees the Spring Exhibition as a showcase for new trends and talents. Therefore, it should not be tightly curated, but rather be shaped by its constitutive parts: the selected works, which are all of high quality and which offer exciting insights into the world and the arts.

Participating artists
For the Spring Exhibition 2013 there were 669 applicants. 74 artists have been selected, including a total of 105 works. The youngest artist was born in 1990 and the oldest in 1955. 34 artists come from Denmark, 17 from the rest of the Nordic region, 9 from other European countries, and 14 from other countries around the world. The participating artists are as follows:

Tine Bernstorff Aagaard (DK), Katja Angeli (DK/UK), Anja Bache (DK), Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri (NO), Andreas Bauer (DE), Jakob Michael Birn (DE), BIT-WORK (Birgitte Munk & Iben West)(DK), Drury Brennan (US), Jonathan Brown (US), Yamile Calderon (NO), Runa Carlsen (NO), Eduardo Coimbra (BRA), James Day (UK), Kristine Djurhuus (DK), Berit Dröse (DK), Dwah (DK), Lasse Bruun Eriksen (DK), Extrudox (Tophøj & Ipsen) (DK), Nadine Fecht (DE), Mika Katarina Friis (DK), Gamborg & Magnussen (Karen Gamborg & Kasper Magnussen)(DK), José Tomás Giraldo (COL), Anne Haaning (DK/UK), Christina Leithe Hansen (NO), Andrea Joyce Heimer (US), Troels Steenholdt Heiredal (DK), Sisse Hoffmann (DK), Franziska Hoppe (DK), Mattias Härenstam (SE), Tina Jonsbu (NO), Georgia Kaw (AUS), Kristian Nielsen Kjær/HATCH & BLOOM/KRADS (DK), Emilie Kjær (DK), Mathias Kryger (DK), Erdem Kucukkoroglu (TUR), Johanna Lecklin (FI), Petter Lehto (SE), Carl Sebastian Lindberg (FI), Colin Lindsay (UK/SCOTLAND), Asta Meldal Lynge (DK), Lærke Hooge Andersen & Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK), Scott Massey (CAN), Rusmir Mesic (NO), David Montano (US), Ragna Mouritzen (DK), Eva Nielsen (FR/DK), Anna Nykyri (FI), Frederik Næblerød (DK), Margrethe Odgaard (DK), Marco Pando (PERU), Dmitry Paranyushkin (RUS), Irena Lagator Pejovic (MNE), Hilde Retzlaff (SE), Pelle Rink (DK), Anna Rokka (FI/SE), Emanuel Röhss (SE), Sophie Sahlqvist (SE/DK), Gro Sarauw (DK/UK), Kristian Schrøder (DK), Spild af Tid (DK), Axel Straschnoy (AR/FI), Anne Lise Stenseth (UK/NO), Kristin Sæterdal (NO), Anne-Mette Sørensen (DK), Emma Thomas (UK/DK), Charlotte Thrane (DK), Benjamin Tiven (US), Stine B. Tranekjær (DK), Mike Tylak (DK), Leopold van de Ven (NL), Camilla Vuorenmaa (FI), Rafael Yaluff (CHL), Kiyoshi Yamamoto (BRA/JPN), Heyjoo Yang (SE).

Jury and prizes
The Spring Exhibition is selected by a jury consisting of artists and other arts professionals from Denmark and beyond. The jury for 2013 consists of the artist Marie Kølbæk Iversen (DK), designer Louise Campbell (DK), artist and architect Markus Degerman (SE) and curator Kati Kivinen (FI).

As well as selecting the exhibitors the jury also nominated ten artists for this years three jury awards: The National – and the International Solo Prizes and the very speciell Jury Award by Helle & Arenth Scholarship for young artist. The winners of which will be announced on the opening night during the speeches. The Jury Award comes with a cash prize of 10.000 kr. and the Solo Prizes with an invitation for solo-presentation on the Spring Exhibition 2014. The ten nominated artists are: Tine Bernstorff Aagaard (DK), James Day (UK), Extrudox (Tophøj & Ipsen) (DK), Anne Haaning (DK/GB), Marco Pando (PERU), Sophie Sahlqvist (SE/DK), Kristian Schrøder (DK), Benjamin Tiven (US), Camilla Vuorenmaa (FI) and Kiyoshi Yamamoto (BRA/JPN)

Solo Prize Exhibitions 2013
In this year’s exhibition you will find two solo-presentations by last year’s Solo Prize winners: The Danish craftsman Christina Schou Christensen – winner of The National Solo Prize 2012, and the South African installation artist Nkule Mabaso – winner of The International Solo Prize 2012.

Talk and performances will be done by participating artists, and it is the first time ever a talk is represented in the Spring Exhibition.

Thursday 28 February at the vernissage, 78pm
Heyjoo Yang: “The Work of NOW” (15 min.)
Dwah: ”Dwah (15 min.)

Wednesday 13 March, 56.30pm

José Tomás Giraldo: “Learning from Anders” (50 min.)

Dwah:”Dwah” (15 min.)

Wednesday 17 April, 56pm

Heyjoo Yang: “The Work of NOW” (15 min.)

Dmitry Paranyushkin: “OK” (15 min.)

Organisers and supporters
The Spring Exhibition is organised by the Charlottenborg Foundation. This year’s exhibition is supported by Kunsthal Charlottenborg, The Danish Arts Council, Københavns Billedkunstudvalg, Knud Højgaards Fond, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Ophavsretsfonden – BKF, Helle & Arenth Jacobsens Scholarship for young artists, Copenhagen Strand & Hotel Opera and Specialtrykkeriet Viborg.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with an overview of all the participants, a jury statement and a detailed justification for the selection of the jury award winners at the Spring Exhibition 2013.

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