John Kørner – Always many problems

18 jun – 13 aug 2017 Fernisering: 17 jun 2017 15:00

Opening: 17 Jun In the year of John Kørner’s fiftieth birthday, Kunsthal Charlottenborg will present the largest exhibition ever seen of his work. Spanning more than 1000 m2 of floor space, this retrospective places particular emphasis on the social issues addressed by the artist over the years, investigating Kørner as an important reinventor of contemporary painting.

The show focuses on Kørner’s unique ability to speak beyond the boundaries of the canvas in spatial installations, and on his approach to art as a space where beauty and social commitment can both find expression.

For this exhibition Kørner will create a series of new paintings as well as site-specific immersive installation. The exhibition will also bring together a range of Kørner’s most important series of paintings for the first time ever. Thus, the show will offer an unprecedented opportunity to see the artist’s major works gathered under one roof.

The exhibition is curated by Marie Nipper.