Fall exhibitions at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is proud to present this fall's exhibitions: Christiania's 50th anniversary is marked with a poster exhibition in the foyer of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, a new exhibition in collaboration with Medical Museion investigates what the changes of world do to the human body and Mohammed Bourouissa narrates with his work about the heritage of colonialism and the derived racial and socio-economical inequality.

Christiania’s 50th anniversary marked with a poster workshop

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Freetown Christiania in 2021, Kunsthal Charlottenborg exhibits a wide range of the many posters created by the commune through the years – a medium that offers idiosyncratic, thought-provoking and artistic visual testimonies to the Freetown’s history, ideologies and creative forms of expression.

‘Better a poster without an event than an event without a poster’ is one of the slogans used by the Freetown of Christiania. For 50 years, the poster has been central to Christiania as a form of communication and artistic medium.

Christiania becomes a rallying point for 1970s counterculture and for the multitude of movements that characterise the political life of the decade. The commune movement, the women’s movement, the Gay Liberation Front, alternative theatre troupes and progressive rock all find space and scope to unfold within the open framework of the Freetown, greatly contributing to making Christiania’s struggle for survival fun, unpredictable and powerful. For further info.

Christiania 50 years. VAR-ER-BLIR
21 sep – 14 nov 2021
Opening: 20 sep 2021 17-20 pm

New exhibition investigates what the changes of the world do to the human body

In the autumn of 2021, Medical Museion will move into Kunsthal Charlottenborg and present the exhibition The World is in You. Through a blend of science, art, and history, it will explore how our bodies are connected to the universe. Our cells detect shifts from day to night, created by the movement of the planet. Things we touch affect the trillions of microbes that live in and on us, which determine how we feel. We exist, for better or worse, within networks of connections – from the microscopic to the planetary.

In the exhibition, visitors will encounter new bio-art, historical objects from Medical Museion’s collections, paintings and video installations, meteorites, the scent of cherries, water pipes from the 18th century, and a 7-meter diameter rotating globe. Each in their own way, these works and objects will bring them back to a core question: what does the world do to us? For further info.

The world is in you
In collaboration with Medical Museion
30 sep – 16 jan 2022
Opening: 29 sep 2021 12-20 pm

Internationally acknowledged artist raised in the Parisian “ghetto” takes over Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is proud to announce the first solo exhibition in Scandinavia with the French-Algerian artist Mohamed Bourouissa. The charged legacies of colonialism, and contemporary realities of racial and socioeconomic inequality, are present throughout Bourouissa’s work.

Bourouissa engages with contemporary life through photography, film, installation and art history. He directs his attention to marginalised communities, who, against the odds, use the means at their disposal to make a place for themselves. Each situation that Bourouissa focuses on demands a different artistic approach, dialogue, and ethical negotiation. Growing up in the banlieue (suburbs) of Paris, and born in Algeria, he brings a specific view of the street, hip-hop culture, criminality, economics, and survival against structures of power that do not allow sections of the population to access basic rights of education, justice, and democratic citizenship.

The artist himself grew up in the Parisian suburbs, often referred to as ghettos, and Bourouissa’s early works focus on the lives of young people of the banlieue, whose backgrounds run against the rigid nationalism of the French Republique. Later his scope has globalized as he investigates colonial and cultural history in Australia and the US. Mohamed Bourouissa brings a specific view of the street, hip-hop culture, and survival against structures of power that do not offer equal access to basic rights of education, justice, and democratic citizenship. For further info.

Mohamed Bourouissa: HARa!!!!!!hAaaRAAAAA!!!!!hHAaA!!!
9 oct 2021 – 20 feb 2022
Opening: 8 oct 2021 17-20 pm

Photo: Mohamed Bourouissa, La fenêtre, 2005. From the series “Périphérique” © ADAGP Mohamed Bourouissa. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris/London.