An exhibition presented in collaboration with the Medical Museion

30 sep – 16 jan 2022

In the autumn of 2021, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and the Medical Museion join forces to present the exhibition The World is in You in the south wing of Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

The rich and important discussions about the Anthropocene seen in the last decade have largely focused on how we as human beings affect the world. The exhibition The World is in You sets out explore the other side of this concept, investigating what the world does to us. How the large, ultimately planetary structures that make up the framework of our lives contribute to shaping our bodies and everyday physiological existence.

The exhibition explores four themes – Time, Space, Microbes and Generations – each based on new scientific questions about how the big world is present in and shapes the small world that constitutes our body; for example, how the circadian rhythms affect the rhythms of our cells, or how the trillions of microorganisms that live on and in our bodies influence everything from our digestion to our mood.

All of these questions share one trait: they refuse to be delimited. They flow out into art, culture, history, politics and much more. Reflecting this, the exhibition mixes works of art with narratives from the realms of science and cultural history to tell stories about our bodies and their complex interconnectedness to their surroundings. The exhibition title, The World is in You, is not an unequivocal statement; the world contains both love and heavy metals, both nourishment and poison. The fact that the world is in you also involves significant political, social and cultural aspects. Not everyone gets the same parts of the world inside them.

The world is in you, but how – and with what consequences?