6 mar – 4 apr 2021

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2021

Ever since the Charlottenborg Foundation was set up in 1857, the annual juried Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition has been an important setting and focal point for efforts to promote and support emerging talents within the arts, architecture, design and crafts.

Over the years, the Spring Exhibition has constituted the first, significant step for many young artists embarking on their artistic careers, while also often presenting new works by more established names. Throughout the history of the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, artists who went on to win international acclaim have debuted or presented works at the exhibition, including Anne Haaning, Per Kirkeby, Olafur Eliasson, Jasmina Cibic and many more.

The 2021 jury comprises artist Nina Beier, artist Marie Lund, architect Martin Marker, artisan Iben Høj and the artist group A Kassen. This year’s jury was chosen on the basis of their solid national and international experience as well as their strong global outlook. In addition, the jury represents great diversity in terms of work practices and organisational formats, establishing a broad basis for the selection process underpinning the exhibition.

In 2021, two new initiatives have been introduced. Firstly, physical inspection has been reintroduced in the third, decisive round of appraisal in order to give the jury direct, unmediated insight into the works submitted, and secondly, the Charlottenborg Foundation has announced a curatorial collaboration with the artist group A Kassen at the upcoming instalment of the Spring Exhibition. This collaboration marks the start of a series of experiments with the juried format, all aiming to highlight the strengths and opportunities inherent in the highly diverse, but always competent and inclusive Spring Exhibition. A Kassen themselves say that they ‘… hope to see some super-serious projects that test the format – physically as well as artistically. And, not least, projects that put us to the test,  challenging our expectations of what the Spring Exhibition will be like in 2021’.