Honey Biba Beckerlee

Digital Matters

13 oct – 19 feb 2023 Opening: 12 oct 2022 17:00

Honey Biba Beckerlee’s exhibition Digital Matters examines connections and entanglements across the spheres of geology, technology and biology, mapping the movement of material elements from nature into the computer and onwards into the human body.

Cable drums, microchip waste, wires and server racks are among the materials used in Digital Matters, which consists of a series of sculptural installations done as ceramic mosaics made out of waste products from a microchip factory and as woven algorithms made of optical fibre cables and copper wire.

Through her works, Biba Beckerlee calls attention to the huge demand for materials generated by the digital age while also pointing to the complex connections between minerals, humans and technology. The works delve into our relationships with the digital realm and inquire into our knowledge of how specific elements from our computer find their ways into our circuits. At the same time, Biba Beckerlee challenges the various materials, exploring what they are actually capable of and how they are generally perceived in order to create new ways of viewing their material and cultural impact – and, thus, of understanding the context and design of technology.

Based on the artist’s PhD research, the exhibition will be accompanied by a talk and workshops focusing on materials and minerals.

The exhibition is supported by the Augustinus Foundation, Beckett Foundation, the Danish Art Workshops (SVFK), Dreyers Foundation, Grosserer L. F. Foght’s Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Obel Family Foundation, the Danish Arts Council, William Demant Foundation. Sponsored by JD-Contractor A/S, Roblon, Topsil.

The artist wishes to thank: Mikkel Clausen, Berthe Forchammer, Jette Gejl, Karen Harsbo, Stine Hebert, Danny Honoré, Mikael Jackson, Gitte-Annette Knudsen, Gina Hedegaard Nielsen, Majken Overgaard, Maria Zahle.