Jacob Holdt

American Pictures

6 nov – 3 jan 2016

Jacob Holdt‘s world-famous photographs from the 1970s from the American society continues to attract attention and debate.

When Kunsthal Charlottenborg in collaboration with CPH:DOX in early November, has decided to show a new selection of Jacob Holdt’s “American Pictures”, it is with the desire to bring the work back to the original intention. As Jacob Holdt describes it in his preface to the book with the American pictures: “In fact, the original version was meant as an attack on parts of Danish politics, where I used the American cautionary example to point out what trends in Denmark (privatization, welfare cuts) can lead to”.

The exhibition will also display a selection of Jacob Holdt newer photographs from Denmark. The exhibition intends to ask the question of what the Danes have learned from Holdt cautionary example since the book was first published in 1977? What trends have since then influenced the development in Denmark?