MFA Degree Show 2023

21 apr – 21 may 2023

Afgang is the MFA Degree Show presented by this year’s graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts. Curated by Natalia Sielewicz from the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the 2023 instalment contains everything from performance, film and painting to text statements and sculptural objects that spread out across the floor, walls and ceiling.

The participating artists are: Johannes Arvidsson, Erdal Bilici, Karou Calamy, C Clement, Anders Davidsen, Helene Norup Due, Sofie Winther Foged, Ayesha Ghaoul, Maja Li Härdelin, Niels Holk Hartnack, Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft, Kaja Lahoda Juhl, Ani Kampe, Emil Krog, Ville Laurinkoski, Nellie Lindquist, Kristian Alexander Norden Minthe, Rikke Mulvad Mortensen, Anton Munar, Niels Østergaard Munk, Hannah Amalie Nielsen, Mads Hyldgaard Nielsen, Andrea Green Novel, Jessica Olausson, Aske Olsen, Simon Persson, Søren Frederik Petersen, Simin Stine Ramezanli, Adele Marie Rannes, Ida Raselli, Marine Morel Sanati, Ida Schrader, Hollie Solvild, Andreas Tang, Aske Thiberg, Sophia Yoma Vanhala, Mira Riisgaard Winding

The exhibition is presented in a setting steeped in tradition and history, specifically the large skylight halls at Kunsthal Charlottenborg – a building which opened in 1883 with the vision of showing the very latest art. MFA Degree Show 2023 is accompanied by an ambitious event that includes performances, guided tours and more.

Supported by the 15. Juni Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Birgit Vibeke Tofts Mindefond, Det Obelske Familiefond.