10 mar – 18 mar 2016

PULSAR 2016 is a collaboration between three cultural institutions, all existing on the same (metro)line; The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

The Vision for PULSAR 2016 is a picture of the arts as a dynamic METROPOLIS – an area of various linked centres growing over one another with old as well as new neighbourhoods, located side by side. Because that’s how it is today; the artistic ways of expression borrow from, flow into, and inspire each other, across past and present.

The traffic between the art forms is intense, and the connections are still growing and becoming more and more important. The artistic neutral pathways traverse the metropolis of the arts, just like the city is crossed by roads and subway lines.

The young artists that will present their works at Kunsthal Charlottenborg work in fields that cross genres, styles and media.

The exhibition will also be a platform for a number of performances at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and more performances will take place at DKDM as well as around town.

Read more here and find more information about artists and performances in the PULSAR programme.