An Age of Our Own Making

Ibrahim Mahama, Kamal Aljafari, Moshekwa Langa, Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett

16 sep – 15 jan 2017 Opening: 15 sep 2016 19:00

Art, activism and citizenship
This fall’s main exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, entitled An Age of Our Own Making, presents installations and performances from a number of international artists as part of the cultural event IMAGES 16.

With their works and activistic strategies, the artists examine how shaping or claiming the public space is a form of citizenship.

The exhibition not only takes place within Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s exhibition halls, but also spills out into the urban space with Ibrahim Mahama’s spectacular collage of African jute sacks on our façade facing Nyhavn.

An Age of Our Own Making also includes a film premiere, artist presentations, readings and performances by the participating artists: Kamal Aljafari, Moshekwa Langa, Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett, and Ibrahim Mahama.

In the exhibition, Lorenzo Sandoval furthermore creates an editor’s room, where you can immerse yourself in the ideas behind An Age of Our Own Making.

An Age of Our Own Making is a three-part exhibition, taking place from May 2016 to January 2017 in Holbæk, Roskilde and Copenhagen respectively. The exhibition series is curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and realised by the municipality of Holbæk.

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