Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019

2 feb – 10 mar 2019 Fernisering: 1 feb 2019 19:00


The Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition is one of the most important open, censored exhibitions in Europe and has been held annually at Charlottenborg since 1857. It originated as an exhibition showing new works by Danish artists, but today includes participants from many countries. Over the years, the exhibition has presented works by great internationally renowned artists such as Alvar Aalto, Per Kirkeby, Olafur Eliasson, Superflex and many others. The exhibition is organised by Charlottenborg Fonden.

The exhibition allows a considerable number of artists to participate in a major international project and has over the years provided the first significant platform for many emerging artists, while also presenting important new pieces by more established figures.

This year 45 Danish and international artists and artist groups has been selected by the jury among the 657 applications. A total of 78 works are on display this year created by well-established artists, but also by emerging talents from Denmark and Europe as well as Iran, Israel, South Korea, Turkey and USA.

This year’s participants are:
Lars Agger (DK), Beatrice Alexanian (DK), Kristina Alisauskaite (LT), Pernille Lærke Andersen (DK), Madeleine Andersson (SE), Rebecka Bebben Andersson (SE), Saskia Boelsums (NL), Trine Bork (DK), Liesel Burisch (DK), Johannes Timo Böving (SE), Karou Calamy (NO), Isabella Chydenius (FI), Maja Dylin (SE) & Margrethe Vestvik Kleiberg (NO), Cast Ello (DK), Matt Ferranto (US), Amalie Gabel (DK), Shir Handelsman (IL), Kasper Harup-Hansen (DK), Sofia Heinonen (SE), Kavachi (TR), Uri Kloss (IL), Søren Krag (DK), Rosita Kær (DK), Gary LaPointe Jr (US), Amanda Linde (DK), Kasper Knudsen Muusholm (DK), Berit Myrvold (NO), Pia Möller-Light (DK), Emma Nilsson (SE), Benedikt Partenheimer (DE), Karina N. Presttun (NO) & Kristina D. Aas (LT), Karina Præstegaard (DK), Jelina Rahikainen (FI), Samaneh Roghani (IR), Mette Sandfær (DK), Sally Santana (DK), Kyungmin Sophia Son (KR), Maria Sparre-Petersen (DK), Mette Stausland (NO), Malin Tivenius (SE), Era Vati (HU/NL), Mia Wewer (DK), Isak Wisløff (NO), Jenny Åkerlund (SE) and a larger group consisting of 24 students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture (KADK), Institute for Architecture and Culture, Master’s degree programme in Art and Architecture: Agnete Winsens Astrup, Alberte Marie Bugl Brinckmann, Bastian Bilde Boelsmand, Carla Maria Bøg Larsen, Casper Gudman Dam, Christine Arctander, Desislava Mincheva, Felicia Amdrup Laugesen, Ida Willadsen Bang Kjeldsen, Jens Christian Rønholt Schmidt, Katrine Møller Brændholt Rasmussen, Laura Julie Brage, Louisa Vendelboe Vestergaard, Louise Fischer Madsen, Magnus Holm Thøgersen, Maria Holst Petersen, Pontus Alexandersson, Rikke Sandbugt, Sebastian Mark Christensen, Sebastian Zapata Ottung Henriksen, Selma Viktoria Zosel, Silja Juul Krüger, Søren Skovgaard Laursen, Terese Maglegaard Christensen. Teachers: Filippa Berglund, Peter Møller Ramussen (DK).

This year’s jury
One of Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition’s permanent features is its independent jury, consisting of artists and art professionals from Scandinavia and countries outside of Scandinavia. Jury members are selected based on their understanding of the artist’s working practices, as well as for their strong international outlook. In 2019 the jury consists of Tove Storch (artist, DK), Anna Krogh (curator, DK), Anna Bjerger (artist, SE), Linda Korndal (architect, DK) and Irene Griegst (jewelry artist, MA/DK), who with their artistic practice and strong international outlook not only have selected the participants for 2019 but also nominated five participants to this year’s Solo Award. The nominees are: Madeleine Andersson (SE), Amalie Gabel (DK), Kasper Knudsen Muusholm (DK), Samaneh Roghani (IR) and 24 students from 3rd semester at KADK, Institute for Architecture and Culture, Master’s degree programme in Art and Architecture.

The winner of this year’s Solo Award is the Iranian artist Samaneh Roghani (born 1984), who won the award for her art work ’Barzakh (Limbo)’. Below, you can read an excerpt from the jury’s argument to choose Samaneh Roghani as the Solo Award winner: “The jury has decided to award this year’s Solo Award to the Iranian artist Samaneh Roghani (b.1984) for her work Barzakh (Limbo). Roghani has created a very special and important work, which presents an innovative approach to its constituent media (video, sculpture, installation) and notably manages to render the artist’s personal story moving, relevant, and significant. A unanimous jury was captivated by her ability to work formally and spatially while also convincingly and stringently coupling this to the work’s statement and content. The moving tale seems powerful, because Roghani is capable of translating her own private story into something that is both universal and important. And she does it in a work where viewers practically experience the theme on their own bodies: through the long corridor where our shadows become part of the video image of wandering people. We pass a number of ropes (with sinister associations to imprisonment and execution), but we do get through to the other side. The work interacts immersively with the gallery space. Precisely because the work incorporates viewers’ movements as part of its setting in time, the thought-provoking and menacing sides of the work only slowly become apparent to us. They get to us as we proceed through the sensuous passage. The impact is very strong, indeed.”

Last year’s winner presents a new film work
The winner in 2018 of the coveted Solo Award, Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, presents a new film work, DAYS OF AL. With the length of an hour it is the artist’s most comprehensive film work yet, accompanied by a soundtrack with experimental electronic music created under the artist’s music alias, Kim Kim. The work can be experienced at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019 and as a part of the Charlottenborg Art Talk programme in Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s cinema with introduction by the artist.

Talk programme
During the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019 visitors can meet some of the participating artists and hear about their artistic practice. All events are free and take place in Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s cinema. Further info about the events.

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