Whistleblowers & Vigilantes

The digital rebellion

18 jun – 13 aug 2017 Opening: 17 jun 2017 11:00

Who owns the right to define whether whistleblowers are society’s heroes or enemies? Whether digital activism is carried out by freedom fighters who wage war for truth and justice, or by terrorists who threaten national security?

Whistleblowers & Vigilantes is a controversial exhibition that uses art, TV footage, surveillance, documentary approaches and historical documents to offer a range of perspectives on the fierce discussion concerning whistleblowers.

The exhibition showcases the activist strategies and legal positions that whistleblowers, hackers, online activists and artists use to justify their efforts in the digital rebellions – featuring Anonymous, Julian Assange, DIS, Omer Fast, Chelsea Manning, Metahaven, Edvard Snowden and others.

Arranged in collaboration with HMKV in Dortmund, the exhibition is curated by Inke Arns and Jens Kabisch.