Brian Eno

The Ship

12 jun – 7 aug 2016

All summer from June 12th to August 7th, Brian Eno’s sound art installation The Ship will be exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in collaboration with CHART ART FAIR, which will exhibit the art work as part of the CHART SOCIAL program during CHART ART FAIR from August 26th-28th. The work will be premiered at the Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle June 10th-11th.

The Ship
 is the first solo exhibition of Brian Eno in Denmark since 1992. The work is a comprehensive sound installation that evolves over time. The Ship is specially designed by Brian Eno to each room it is displayed in. Therefore, the experience of the sound installation at Heartland Festival, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and CHART ART FAIR will be unique.

Brian Eno was born in 1948 in Suffolk, and has not only a great career as a musician, composer and producer, but is also a famous visual artist. Brian Eno was educated at Ipswich School of Art, and his works have been exhibited in leading art institutions around the world. For instance, Brian Eno was invited to exhibit his work The Creation of Sound at the 2015 Venice Biennal.

The exhibition of Brian Eno’s The Ship is made possible through a collaboration between Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CHART ART FAIR and Heartland Festival.