Karl Holmqvist

Give posters a try

20 sep – 17 nov 2013

Karl Holmqvist (b. 1964 in Sweden) works with words. Via words in books, in performances, on posters and in sounds, he examines the meaning formation, origins and usage of words. He has been doing this for almost twenty years under the slogan, mantra and challenge Give Poetry a Try, which on the occasion of this exhibition has become Give Posters a Try.

A gigantic hanging of 71 different black and white posters forms the focal point of the Holmqvist exhibition, which is situated in the large central hall of the South Wing. The posters have been pasted onto the walls from floor to ceiling, like a flickering black and white wallpaper in words and images. The exhibition also includes three video works: I’M WITH YOU IN ROCKLAND (2005), I’LL MAKE THE WORLD EXPLODE (2008) and A IS FOR A-R-A-K-A-W-A (2012).

Furthermore Karl Holmqvist has placed a rickshaw at the disposal of the exhibition guests, in which they can be taken around during the exhibition and have a rest while they watch Karl Holmqvist’s works glide by.