Nils Viga Hausken

Runnning Lemon

6 apr – 26 apr 2013

Running Lemon is a curated solo exhibition with a selection of works by Niels Viga Hausken, that spans a period of more than 20 years, of which some are shown in a Danish context for the very first time. Viga Hausken is especially focused on the concept of slow-time, as an opposition to the high pace life in our society today, and has been actively defying that pace in his practice by during the last 12 years solely having worked with cross-stiching. A certain tension between pop and existence, between the digital and the analogue comes to mind when the unsharp depiction of a photographed and highly pixelated lemon is invoked; giga-pixel by giga-pixel, on a grand scale and each pixel in hundreds of cross-stiches.

Along with the embroideries the sculpture Runner is shown – an earlier work in Viga Hausken’s career – featuring a beheaded and one-legged athlete, an amputee, dressed in an ergonomic harness and frozen in time on the verge of disaster. The next step is a mythological fall into the abyss.

Niels Viga Hauskens physical works in the exhibition Running Lemon are accompanied and augmented by a virtual reflection of the exhibition space, a kind of digital comment – or footnote device, where reality is referenced and interconnected in a subjective layer produced by Toves Salon. By furthering associations and connotations from the specific works – their context and their inherent chronology – a flow of information is formed marked by a pinpoint in contemporary times, spirit and technology.

The exhibition is presented by Toves Salon – Charlottenborg Temporary Exhibition Space.

Toves is run by:
Simon Damkjær, Anna Frost, Hannah Heilmann, Honza Hoeck, Uffe Isolotto, Christian Jeppsson, Jacob Jessen, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Sandra Vaka Olsen and Pind

The exhibition programme is supported by The Danish Arts Council.

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