The Spring Exhibition 2024

2 feb – 3 mar 2024 Opening: 1 feb 2024 17:00

The Spring Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to explore art talents from the Nordic region and elsewhere in the world. With a long legacy dating all the way back to 1857, this annual exhibition is one of the most important open-call, juried exhibitions in Europe and continues to attract plenty of visitors.

Each year, a professional jury selects from a wide range of different artists who have responded to the open call. The open format creates opportunities for discovering new artists and being introduced to different modes of artistic expression. The Spring Exhibition acts as a barometer for the present state of contemporary art, reflecting current trends within the art world. With works ranging from painting and sculpture to video installations and performance art, the exhibition lets visitors explore and appreciate the rich diversity of contemporary art.

This year’s admitted artists and artist groups are:
Naomi Akvama, Emma Bang, Elmer Blåvarg, Sidsel Nielsen Bonde, Anna Seeberg Braun, Dyveke Bredsdorff, Loulou Buxbom, Cakes of Despair (Hilma Bäckström, Hedda Bauer), Tea Eklund Berglöw, Mishael Oladipo Fapohunda, Sofie Flinth, Salem Antoine Gerlach Nielsen, Alicia Gonzalez, Nadia Gueddouh, Louise Gaarmann, Zishi Han & Wei Yang, Martin Jon Hasfeldt, Gudrun Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Jamilla Mahmoud Henriques, Kristine Nørgård Hymøller, Sommer Jacoby, Rosita Kær, Noah Umur Kanber, Noa Lachmi, Sidsel Marie Lindbæk Mouridsen, Maria Lindeblad, Jasmin Aiche Mahallati, S McEvoy, Lotte Vinding Myrthue, Marianne Noer, Gro Pechüle, Chloe-Rose Purcell, Rosa Halfdan Quistorff, Jakob Rekve, Robin Rydenhov, Santino Santillana, Yasmin Mina Sliai, Stine Stubdrup, Berna Süslü, An Ting Teng, Frederik Tøt Godsk, Rexy Tseng, Henrik Valeur, Wisrah C. V. da R. Celestino, Amalie Vestergaard Olsen, Miglė Vyčinaitė, Sidsel Winther, Sofie Winther, Yang Yu, Rosa Zangenberg, Jiawei Zheng

In 2024, the jury comprises: artist Aske Olsen; artist J.G. Arvidsson; architecture student, curator and artist Aysha Amin; and the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology represented by Ida Bencke, Dea Antonsen and Laura Gerdes-Miranda.

The Spring Exhibition is organised by the Charlottenborg Foundation.

The exhibition is supported by The Augustinus Foundation, The Axel Muusfeldt’s Foundation, The Beckett Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Dreyers Foundation, The Knud Højgaard’s Foundation, The Konsul Georg Jorck & Hustru Emma Jorck’s Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, The William Demant Foundation.

Events in connection with the exhibition:

1 Feb 17.00-21.00: Opening
8 Feb 17.00-19.00: Announcement of the Solo Award in collaboration with Politikens Forhal
14 Feb 17.00-20.00: Introductions to the art works by the artists
21 Feb 17.00-20.00: Performance, guided tour and introductions
3 Mar 11.00-17.00: Final day of the exhibition

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