Museum Pist Protta

35 years of alternative art history

16 sep – 6 nov 2016 Opening: 15 sep 2016 19:00

The art journal Pist Protta is a very special institution on the Danish art scene. Over the course of the last 35 years, more than 70 original issues have been published, with ever-changing formats and contributions from hundreds of Danish and international artists.

Written, edited and produced primarily by visual artists, Pist Protta has been published since 1981, making it one of Denmark’s oldest art journals.

Every issue is different from the others in terms of content and form, experimenting with formats, layouts, paper quality, printing methods and graphic devices in order to make every issue of the journal original and independent – like an art exhibition in itself. 

Unfolding the story of Pist Protta, the exhibition is organized in close collaboration with the journal’s editorial staff, which consists of the visual artists Jesper Fabricius and Jesper Rasmussen as well as graphic designer Åse Eg Jørgensen.

The editors have structured the exhibition according to six themes, “Archive”, “Concept”, “Form”, “Travel”, “About PP” and “Himmerland” to highlight different facets of the journal.

The exhibition about and by Pist Protta not only presents the journal, but is a wildly proliferating museum installation full of sculptures, artifacts, pictures and videos that combine to convey an alternative chapter of art history that dates back 35 years.