Mediated Matter

Martin Erik Andersen, Karen Harsbo, Katya Sander, Franco Turchi and more

16 sep – 12 nov 2017 Opening: 15 sep 2017 18:00

Mediated Matter – Developing tools and methods for contemporary art with 3D technology is a research project at the Schools of Visuals Arts focusing on the use of 3D within visual arts.

The exhibition explores the interaction between the latest 3D design technology and contemporary art in media including sculpture, video and performance. The three-year research project behind the exhibition was the initiative of Martin Erik Andersen, Karen Harsbo, Katya Sander and Franco Turchim, who have also curated the show.

The exhibition’s artists and partners are:
Amalie Smith, Amitai Romm, Anna Moderato, Anna Ørberg, Anne Eckersberg, Anne Friis, Anne Nora Fischer, Franco Turchi, Fredrik Tydén, Jacob Alrø, Jean Marc Routhier, Jesper Carlsen, Joakim Almroth, Karen Harsbo, Katya Sander, Lydia Hauge Sølvberg, Marco Spörle, Martin Erik Andersen, Matilde Duus, Maja Malou Lyse, Morten Modin, Rene Schmidt, Sebastian Hedevang, Sophus Ejler Jepsen, Theodor Walldius, Tinne Zenner, and Veronica Riget.

Hashtag for social media: #mediatedmatter


The research project Mediated Matter is funded by The Danish Ministry of Culture’s KUV pool. The exhibition is realized with support from the Augustinus Foundation and in collaboration with ROKOKO, SMK/The Royal Cast Collection and Johanne Østervang.