Angela Melitopoulos


22 nov – 13 jan 2019

Experience one of the central art works from last year’s Documenta exhibition by Angela Melitopoulos. Crossings consists of complex cinematographic cartographies that assume the form of video installations.

Crossings composes a narrative about war, forms of slavery past and present and ecological disasters. It focuses on delirious conditions of realities emerging in the current state of debt crisis in Greece, where capitalism forces neoliberal deregulations and  civil war against its populations. War, destruction and the experience of a neoliberal traumatic reality is transmitted from body to body, from generation to generation, generating countless voices. These voices are intertwined – they form new groups of expressions.

The display of screens and speakers forms the narrative of a concatenated series of scenes that create tensions and relations with each other.

The scenes include the closure of the borders between Greece and Macedonia in Idomeni in spring 2016, the brutal eviction of refugees from the harbour of Piraeus, where a most vulnerable group of migrants had camped under the bridge of the highway. Trucks depart from ships there en route to the Norths. In these images, money and debt is shown as an asymmetrical power relationship that ensures the continuation of power between the creditors and the debtors through a civil-war “by other means”. The monetary system of Ancient Corinth emerges in the civility of slavery.

From the stones of its ruins we shift our gaze to the disastrous image of a huge Canadian factory operating in the midst of the pristine Skouries forest, extracting gold from Halkidiki in Northern Greece, transforming social, cultural, and natural societies into an industrial wasteland. Eldorado Gold has already polluted the water and forest so much that basic economic commons for the inhabitants are destroyed; their futures are uncertain once this factory finally opens. “They push me to think of terrorism”, a voice says.

Travelling and voices in different languages appear, throwing terms like love, hate, envy, or jealousy over the fences and beautiful landscapes of Lesbos.

This unwanted future has enraged the populations for many years. They deliver their bodies against special police forces.

Hashtag to the exhibition: #crossings #angelamelitopoulos #kunsthalcharlottenborg