Thao Nguyen Phan opens her first solo show in Scandinavia at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

3 Jan 2024

On the occasion of CPH:DOX, Copenhagen’s international documentary film festival, Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents a solo show with Thao Nguyen Phan from 13 March 2024. Internationally recognized for her combined use of moving image, painting, and sculpture, the visual artist creates dreamlike and poetic narratives that trace the history of her country in relation to contemporary environmental and social changes.

Jeannette Ehlers interweaves the spiritual, rebellious and poetic in her largest solo show to date

9 May 2022

In recent years, Jeannette Ehlers has taken on a key role in the Danish art world by raising awareness of Denmark’s past as a colonial power. She is particularly known as the co-creator of the monument I Am Queen Mary in the Port of Copenhagen. Over the summer, Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s visitors can explore her insistently powerful works, in which she points to connections that reach across continents, oceans, and human destinies.

New Red Order connects Indigenous peoples from Oceania to Scandinavia in new international group exhibition

21 Mar 2022

Kunsthal Charlottenborg has invited New Red Order to curate an international group exhibition and a brand new film programme on the occasion of CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. The exhibition occupies the entire north wing from March 23 - August 7 2022 and connects artists, works and experiences from different places around the world including California, Canada, Greenland, Hawaii and Scandinavia.

Announcing the names of Kunsthal Charlottenborg Biennale and the opening event with talks and readings

8 Nov 2021

Beginning next week, Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s first biennale Poet Slash Artist will be presented in streets, train stations and bus stops throughout Denmark. In these outdoor locations, works by 36 visual artists and poets will bring different cultures, continents, languages and generations together, forming a new sense of community. To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents talks and readings on Saturday 20 November at 2pm – 5pm in the Festival Hall at Charlottenborg.